We take great pride in knowing we are able to track every milligram of our Full Spectrum CBD from harvested field to finished product

Note: Additional labs will be posted as new products are introduced.

– We use State of the art extraction systems
– We provide third party verification certificates of analysis (C of A’s)

The quality of our product is our top priority. Not only do we have an in- house lab, but everything is verified by third independent third parties.

Our Partners Speedy Grow:

A lot of CBD companies out there will just by white label, middle man, or use brokered CBD. 

We learned that partnering directly with the source would give us the control we needed. We want to track and trace every step of the way. 

By partnering with Speedy Grow, we gained a combined 40+ years of experience 

They partner directly with U.S. Hemp Farmers in Colorado and Utah. “Our relationship with local Farmers is one of our highest priorities and vital to the success of our industry.”

Certified Seed to Shelf CBD™ Process:

Only Speedy Grow can show you the entire process: from planting and growing to processing and manufacturing, then right to your shelf. 

This is our exclusive Seed-to-Shelf CBD™ Guarantee.

Our Lab Certifications:

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